A-R-T Instructors are certified by NRA and USCCA to teach and certify students for concealed carry in multiple states. We offer concealed carry classes for novice and experienced CCW holders. We offer both standardized NRA and USCCA curricula and personalized hybrid classes. Whether you are deciding what your EDC should be or shaving time off your draw, our instructors can help you master the skills you need!

Defensive Shooting Fundamentals is a personalized program designed for individual students or groups seeking to improve proficiency in handgun, rifle, or shotgun shooting for self-defense. From basic marksmanship to more advanced skills such as range estimation and shooting unknown distances, our instructors are experts in helping our students achieve their learning goals.

A-R-T offers courses in long range precision fire. If you are looking to reach out farther on your next big game hunt, A-R-T can teach you the fundamentals of long range precision fire weapon systems and the technique to use them to their maximum potential at their longest range.

We all live in an uncertain and sometimes dangerous world, whether we are aware of it or not. The best way to provide for the safety of yourself and the ones you care about is to plan and prepare for dangerous events. A-R-T offers active shooter response training in multiple formats. A-R-T instructors offer custom situation / scenario training for any church, home, business, or school setting. We also offer the following standardize curricula:

ALERRT CRASE: Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events

USCCA: Countering the Active Shooter

HSI AVERT: Active Violence Emergency Response Training

A-R-T instructors are certified to teach the full range of NRA course offerings. Contact us at to schedule your NRA class today!

A-R-T instructors are certified to teach the full range of USCCA course offerings for individuals, groups, and women’s only groups. Contact us at to schedule your USCCA class today!


Avoid dangerous situations before they happen. Refuse to Be a Victim is a class that teaches students valuable situational awareness skills that are useful in every environment.

SABRE Spray is a non-lethal irritant spray that deters aggressors and assailants. Learn how to use SABRE Spray from A-R-T today!